Blue Moon Dance and Music Jams with Clangstrum, Gerald Siclovan

Shift your awareness to welcome Spring! 

Enjoy a movement experience emphasizing strength, balance and flow with People Dancing Company, then enjoy a performance of “Retelling: Demeter and Persephone”  to original music by Clangstrum.

Christina Sears, the 2016 Touchstone Dance Educator of the Year, leads movement activities for all ages and skill levels. This will really getting your energy and creativity flowing. Company members and special guest improvisation dancers will join in, as well as dancers from our community.

We will be developing awareness in movement skills through many approaches, including: slow motion tempos, creative tasks, and shifting levels. Expect zen-like simplicity and a grounding exploration of imagery. Cameo roles in “Re-telling” will be offered at the workshop.

This is a rare opportunity to enjoy a unique performance with a diverse and poetic band.

Music will be performed throughout by the post-rock ensemble, Clangstrum. Clangsrtum band members include: Andy Gullion, Mary M. Miller, Keaten North and Gerald Siclovan.

For more on the dancers visit For more on the band visit Clangstrum.

Great family participation experience. Bring your kids! Move around and celebrate the coming of spring.

For all ages.

Free parking on Berkshire. Come to the Stone Chalet Bed and Breakfast Inn Berkshire Reception entrance.